Witch Way to Mintwood Book 7!


This e-mail is a few days late as some of you have already read the book! Apologies for my tardiness! Witch Wish Way, book 7 in the series is now available here!


Summer is fast approaching. Warm weather, fragrant breezes, and bright skies are all signals of a sunny few months to come. Nothing is a bigger indicator of summer in Mintwood than the Mintwood Fair, which brings the best pies in the county and good times galore. Everyone is looking forward to another exciting year, but just before the start of the fair an old murder is discovered and a new one is committed. For the first time, Lemmi has to find two killers at once.
Or were they the same?
It will take some doing to find out, so it’s a good thing Lemmi doesn’t have anything else on her plate. Her relationship with new boyfriend Jasper Wolf is as simple as ever, promise.

Next, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has left reviews for any of the Mintwood books! Reviews are very much appreciated! If you have a minute please consider leaving an honest review.

Lastly, White Witch Way is the next book in the series and I hope to have it out within a month. I’m hoping to work up to having an exact date for new releases and maybe even a pre-order, but as you all can clearly tell I’m not quite there yet.

Thank you so much for reading! 🙂




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